Popup Blockers

This site uses popup windows to ensure that the content is not constrained to a small portion of the screen. As a result, if you have a popup blocker configured, you may find that you need to allow popups for this site to work. This process varies, depending on the browser you are using.

Internet Explorer

You will see the popup blocker at the bottom of the screen.

  • Click "Options for this site"
  • Select "Always allow"

Google Chrome

You will see the popup blocker appear to the right of the browser address bar, like this:

After a few seconds, the text will disappear and you will be left with just the icon, like so:

  • Click the popup blocker icon
  • Select "Always allow pop-ups from ..."
  • Click "Finished"


You will see the popup blocker present a message below the address bar, like this:

  • Click the "Options" button
  • Click "Allow popups for ..."